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The Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access, and multidisciplinary journal publishing empirical, theoretical, and review articles about plain Anabaptist groups, including the Amish, Apostolic Christian, Brethren, Bruderhof, Hutterite, Russian Mennonite, Swiss Mennonite, and related movements

Led by an international editorial board, JAPAS offers the highest quality in intellectual contributions to plain Anabaptist research. In addition to academic publications, JAPAS welcomes manuscripts from plain Anabaptist adherents. All submissions are peer reviewed by external reviewers or editorial board members.

JAPAS is multidisciplinary and promotes research from the social sciences, humanities, and applied areas. Our publication categories encourage both substantial and modest research contributions.

Why Publish with JAPAS?

JAPAS is a carefully edited journal that demands authors make unique, original, and focused contributions. We are particularly interested in honed research questions, new data/information, and fresh ideas. With an experienced editorial staff dedicated to conceptual precision, a publication in JAPAS is one of the best ways to contribute to our collective understandings of plain Anabaptist populations.

Capturing key priority areas, the APASA scholarship committee awards an annual paper prize to a JAPAS article that emodies the following:

Innovation The article's topic/content is original and/or addresses a gap in literature.
Background The article is properly contextualized (either theoretically or practically).
Methodology The article contains substantive methodology that clearly articulates how the study progressed from the research question(s) to finding(s) and/or result(s).
Data Sources The article is empirical/data-driven and/or reliant on primary sources.
Interdisciplinary The article is interdisciplinary and is able to reach an audience outside its primary discipline.


All manuscripts may be submitted through the JAPAS submission system at

Questions may be sent to the editor by email (

If web access is not convenient, submissions may also be made by postal mail to:

Journal of Amish & Plain Anabaptist Studies
7010 State Route 241
Millersburg, OH 44654

Prior to submitting your publication, please refer to our Author Guidelines.

We look forward to receiving your manuscript.

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Cover Photographs / Art

Photographers are invited to submit personal work capturing the plain people and their material culture. We feature images on the front cover of JAPAS. Submissions are reviewed regularly as part of a competitive process.

Accepted work will include an artist-authored description inside the cover that discusses the perceptual advances offered by the cover art, as well as an author bio and website (if applicable).New issue announcements posted on our email subscriber lists showcase the issue cover and reach an international audience of over 3,000 people, including scholars, service providers, and plain people. Photographers / artists may also consider developing a full-length article.

To have your work considered, first send an inquiry to the editor. Accepted work will be credited and include a brief description. Artists retain the rights to their work. As a scholarly, non-profit journal, our staff of volunteers work to advance new knowledge and perspectives. And as with other scholarly journals, we cannot offer compensation to authors and artists.


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