Annual Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies Conference

Join the members of APASA at one of our annual conferences. APASA conferences are friendly events that provide an opportunity to share your work and get feedback, meet colleagues who have similar interests, and discover potential collaborators.



Updates will be made in this space and on our members' and non-members' email lists. We are exploring the possibility of a late autumn 2020 or summer 2021 conference.


The 2020 Amish & Plain Anabaptist Studies Association Conference (Fourth Annual)

Hotel Millersburg / University of Akron-Millersburg

Millersburg, Holmes County, Ohio

Tuesday, July 14, 1pm to Wednesday, July 15, 5pm


The ongoing growth of the plain people—the Amish, Hutterites, German Baptists, Apostolic Christians, Swiss Mennonites, Low German Mennonites, and others—means that more people are encountering these religious groups in the public sphere. Those who specifically study or work with the plain people must continue advancing our bodies of knowledge through critical evaluation of old knowledge and introduction of new ideas. The goals of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies Association (APASA) conferences are to disseminate advances in research and practice, spark new ideas through conversation, and broaden professional networks.


The conference planning committee extends a welcome to professors and scholars in the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities; service providers, including those in health care, education, social work, agricultural extension, law, planning, and others; and affiliates of plain Anabaptists religious groups. Such an eclectic mix offers a unique opportunity to compare insights and learn from one another. Thought-provoking conversations, presentations, and panels, all within a collegial context, are characteristic of APASA conferences, and this year will be no exception.


The conference committee will continually review and offer decisions on submissions until Monday, June 1, 11:59pm, or when the program is filled, whichever comes first.

Submissions may include paper presentations (20 minutes) and organized paper sessions, panels or workshops (80 minutes), posters, and program/vendor booths.

Sessions are 80 minutes with three 20-minute presentation slots and 20 minutes for discussion.

Sessions topics are determined based on submissions, although attendees can also apply to a feature topic. This year's feature topics are: (1) public policy, (2) gender, (3) health and well-being, (4) dress and appearance, and (5) cultural competency / practice-oriented strategies


Registration will include a full, formal supper. For lunch, attendees can explore one of several local restaurants that operate within two blocks of the conference hotel; cost is separate.

While there is no registration deadline, space is limited to 60 people.

The need-based reduced rate is especially for students, service providers paying out of pocket, and anyone on a tight budget.

Those traveling with spouses who wish to take in the conference should contact the planning committee to register spouses at a special rate.

We accept credit card (includes small service fee) and check.


The conference is located within the sizeable Holmes County Amish community. The greater Holmes County area provides many opportunities for research and leisure. Of special note, the Amish-coordinated Family Farm Field Day takes place in nearby Fryburg that Friday evening and all day Saturday. The event includes many talks, booths, activities, and displays promoting family farming, especially among plain people. The event is free and open to the public.


"What can I expect to get out of attending the APASA Conference?"

(1) Gain awareness of important trends among the plain people, which can inform the nature of your service work

(2) Meet others who work with the Amish and Mennonites in a variety of services (e.g., social work, agriculture, conservation, education, tourism, health, and governance) as well as scholars with new perspectives and data that can inform your outreach work.

(3) Join discussions about service-specific topics from a variety of panels.

(4) Learn more about the Amish and plain Anabaptist faith and culture.

Continuing education credit hours

We welcome professionals who are seeking continuing education credit. Check with your employer to ensure that this event qualifies for credit. We can furnish a certificate of attendance for those present during the entire conference or for the required hours needed


First annual conference: Columbus, OH

Second annual conference: Berlin, OH

Third annual conference: Millersburg, OH


For questions about the APASA conference, contact Cory Anderson at or visit the Amish & Plain Anabaptist Studies Association’s website for more information:

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