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Established in 2018, the Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies Association (APASA) is a network of scholars, service providers, instructors, plain people, and others interested in the study of the Amish and plain Anabaptists. The goal of APASA is to provide a supportive context for plain Anabaptist research.

Membership is on a calendar year basis from January 1 to December 31. New members may enroll at anytime and receive both issues of JAPAS and all other benefits through the remainder of the year. If joining after October 1 but before the new year, your membership will begin immediately but apply to the next year. The current year's issues of JAPAS must be ordered separately.

Membership in APASA includes the following benefits:

Subscription to JAPAS

JAPAS is released twice a year. APASA members can choose to receive a hardcopy subscription for a reduced rate or order copies individually.

Annual APASA Mini-Conference

The annual APASA mini-conference is held either independently or in conjunction with another conference. APASA members may submit proposals for a paper presentation or poster for the annual mini-conference.

Meeting fees vary depending on venue and agreements with any umbrella sponsoring conferences. We work to keep costs affordable. Proposals and abstracts should be submitted to the APASA review committee. If applicable, accepted abstracts will then be submitted to the umbrella professional organization .

APASA Announcements Listserv Subscription

The announcements listserv helps APASA members keep up with developments in plain Anabaptist studies, from new publications to professional news and from calls for papers and proposals to newspaper articles about plain people. The moderator posts items, while subscribers help keep content fresh by submitting items of interest. This format functions as something between a listserv—where anyone can post anything without organization—and a newsletter—which is a lot of organized information coming out occasionally and sometimes too late.

Items are posted several times a week and is a convenient way to keep up with what's going on among the plain people. The listserv categories include:

Contribute to JAPAS

JAPAS is a member-supported publication. A portion of your membership fee goes toward supporting the journal. Members are also the first line of contacts for book reviews and peer reviews.


The APASA Cafe is held every other month on fourth Fridays at 12pm EST; all APASA members are welcome to join in. Speakers include both invited guests and APASA members presenting their research and other projects. Half of the time is devoted to engaging the audience's questions and comments. Cafe talks are held on Zoom with an option to call in for those members who have limited internet access.

Completing Payment for your Annual Membership

Send payment via credit card or check/money order:



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